January 2020 ~ Theme for this time is ~ Becoming

“We are a mystery unfolding in the dimensions of space and time, 

with the task of becoming a unique soul; 

an expression of Source here on Earth.”

A quote from Soul Star ~ Child of the Universe
~ Madeline K. Adams

Image: Claire Brear

Becoming is a process of changing and growing. We are Soul Stars and we are all in this process of becoming as Humanity manifesting into form. We are reflections of the cosmic intelligence of Source. 

“You are energy that is constantly moving and expressing itself as form. Become willing to flow like a river, unfolding into more of who you truly are.”

 “Your soul knows the truth and beauty that is you, as aliveness within every cell of your being that resonates with your uniqueness.”

‘As you resonate with your inner truth your soul’s light grows brighter and your presence glows with the pure, creative essence that is your Soul.”

Take a moment and tune into the sacred space within you. Place a hand on your Heart and a hand on your Solar Plexus and feel into the energy that is you.’ *

  • Create both time and space to be.
  • Spend this time alone with yourself
  • Sit in the energy of the moment
  • Feel into the vibrations within you
  • Allow these waves of energy to flow
  • Listen inwardly and reflectively
  • Be deeply honest with yourself
  • Show yourself a kind and loving heart
  • When you feel ready, take this energy that vibrates within you into your world.
“Relax into being present to energy in every moment.”

“Stand in your truth and claim the music within you, it is your Soul Star essence.”

This article includes Quotes from:

The Sacred Dance of Soul, Your Inner Journey to Empowerment

        ~ Madeline K. Adams