Mystical Magical Imagination

Awaken the golden glow within you

Live guided by feminine intelligence that speaks in the language of Soul

Love your inner child and learn to dance to  the  music of your soul.

Become a Creatress, embrace the magic of your Soul Star Essence

Soul Star Magic is within us all and we have the power to colour our world with the beauty of our soul.

Awaken the magic of your inner child, become the Creatress of your unique soul story.

Madelinea is a Creatress of Soul Star Magic

Madelinea writes from her Aquarian perspective capturing simple truths and feminine wisdom in words that she hopes will resonate in your heart. 

Her vision is to inspire others to learn to trust the feminine intelligence of their hearts and reshape a new awareness of soul consciousness.

As we learn to trust in our inner knowing and the wisdom of our soul; we become empowered to embody our unique Soul Star Essence.

Madelinea has a B Comm. degree, with post graduate studies in psychology and more than 30 year experience in Transpersonal Astrology. 

The Source and Soul Series

These books below take you on a journey into your heart. You begin a heroine’s journey to create an intimate relationship with the wisdom of your personal soul consciousness

My Soul Story

Your Soul Story

Soul Wisdom

Soul Star magic

Become the unique soul star you were born to be and shine your inner light, a golden glow for all to see. 

Awaken the  magic of your imagination. You are the Creatress of your soul story.