The Soul Star Series of Books


These books take you on a journey into your heart to begin a heroine’s quest to  

Create an intimate relationship with your Self as a Creatress and a Soul Star, Child of the Universe

My Soul Story

Your Soul Story

Soul Wisdom

Madeline’s personal story begins with her travels in France. She discovers the black virgin statues and the myth of Psyche, and she awakens to the voice of her soul. She returns home knowing she can no longer live as an unawakened soul. 

Madeline describes empowering archetypes through the myth of Persephone and names a new roles for the feminine as the Creatress and the Modern Mystic both emerging expression of feminine presence in today’s world. 

A collection of quotes and poems inviting you to know yourself as a Soul Star child of Humanity.
Go deep within and ask yourself ~ “Who am I?  “Your soul knows the answer to your question for you are the wisdom keeper of your soul