Intuitive Creatress

A Creatress sees into a world of beauty and mystery. She glimpses numinous moments of feminine grace and she knows how to nourish her feminine soul. 

“When you claim the freedom to be your true self, the child within awakens, the wise woman sings her songs of love and the Creatress dances to her own rhythm, in tune with the voice of her soul.”

Quote from: Odyssey of a Creatress

Soul Star Child of the Universe

Soul Star Child of the Universe ~ Soul Poems and Heart Wisdom

This is a small pocket book of inspirational words from books in the Source and Soul Series.

“When you learn to tap into the mystery and magic of your feminine wise self , you will feel empowered to make new choices and become infused with the passion and the beauty of your soul.” A Quote from Soul Star Child of the Universe.

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Soul Star Magic

When you take the journey into your heart, you begin a heroine’s quest, to create an intimate relationship with your personal soul, and know yourself as the Creatress of your unique soul story


Feminine Essence

Soul Presence

Become a Creatress, awaken the creative essence within you and learn to dance the sacred dance of your soul. 

“She gives herself permission to shine her light and to withdraw her light into the realms of darkness, to renew herself in honour of the cycles of becoming that are the core of her creative essence.” 

A Sacred Creatress of cosmic love

The Sacred Dance of Soul

The Sacred Dance of Soul
Your Inner Journey to Empowerment

The Sacred Dance of Soul is about the feminine energy that resides within us. A soul power that is subtle, magical and often invisible and yet in our hearts we know it exists. This is a story of an inner quest, to heal your relationship to feminine intelligence; to reclaim your inner truth and your unique beauty as you feel into the dancing of your soul.

Odyssey of a Creatress
A Heroine's Journey to Uncover the Essence of her Feminine Soul

Odyssey of a Creatress guides you with simple poetic language to empower the creative essence of  the feminine within you by learning to live as a Creatress. When you take the journey into your heart you create an intimate relationship with your soul. Meet the Black Virgin; be guided by the myth of Psyche and learn the language of your soul

Learn to listen deeply to your inner self and awaken to the magic and wonder of your inner child. The Universe is within every cell of your being ~

We are each a glowing light, a soul star of the night sky, unique in the aliveness of the feminine essence of our personal soul.”

You are A Child of the Universe

 Soul Star ~ Child of the Universe 

Soul Star~ Child of the Universe

Soul Star is a book of quotes and poems to remind you to awaken to your inner wise feminine and uncover the gifts buried deep within your soul. Love who you are, a Star child of Humanity. Glimpse into the dark mystery of the feminine; meet the Creatress and the Persephone woman; and remember that magic and mystery within you.

Soul Star

We are each a Soul Star, a glowing light of the night sky.  Shine your inner light, a golden glow for all to see. You are the wisdom keeper of your soul.

Soul Star Magic

Soul Magic describes the themes of your personal soul’s journey that you already know at the core of your being.
With the guidance of astrology ~ the symbolic language of energy, together we explore the multi dimensional layers of your being and awaken you to the truth and beauty within your heart that resonates with your authentic self, as you become the Creatress of your unique soul story.