Welcome to an
Awakening World of
Heart Wisdom and
Soul Star Magic

Soul Star Magic
And the Promise of New Beginnings

The Promise of a New World
We are all connected
We are reflections of universal consciousness.

Ring of fire ~ a magical ring of promise shown visually in the sky at the eclipsed new moon on 26th December 2019.
A meeting of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter, bringing us the promise of new beginnings.
“The feminine is a circle that cannot be broken,
a symbol of your soul’s gift, a love token.”
A quote from: Soul Star ~ Child of the Universe

This new decade brings the promise of a New World.
"Awaken the sparkle within, shine your inner light
and become the Soul Star you were born to be."
~ Soul Star Essence

These two images are expression of the Heart Essence of Soul,
One is a Cosmic image, the other is an image of a Rose
Macro and Micro expressions of the Heart Essence of Soul

Rosetta image: by Alexander Andrews                                
Rose: image by Ameen Fahmy

Psyche is an ancient name for Soul.

The butterfly has long been a symbol of Soul. There is freedom, colour and luminous magic captured in the dance of a butterfly

Immense potential is contained within every bud

“We are a mystery unfolding in the dimensions of space and time, 

with the task of becoming a unique soul; 

an expression of Source here on Earth.”

A quote from Soul Star ~ Child of the Universe           

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso